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Team Battle Arena

Island used to Guilds Battle might be used as a place for team battle.
On Papaya Island you can find NPC Battle Manager.
Talk with him to set a battle time, amount of frags, amount of players in every team and reward for winners.

Team: from 2 vs 2 to 10 vs 10 players
Frags limit: from 10 to 1000
Time limit: from 10 to 60 minutes

Example conversation
Player: hi
Player: kills
Player: 50
Player: time
Player: 30
Player: battle
Player: yes
Player: 2 vs 2
Player: Player, Other Player
Player: Opponent, Someone Else
Player: salamandre skins
Player: 5
Player: yes
Opponent: join
Player: yes

Fight 2 vs 2 up to 50 kills or up to 30 minutes.
Red Team: Player, Other Player
Blue Team: Opponent, Someone Else
Player and Opponent need 5x salamandre skin.
If Red Team won Player got 10x salamandre skin,
if Blue Team won Opponent got 10x salamandre skin