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Nilan @ Today 16:41
Offline Training - tests
Offline Training is working now on Test Server.

Tutorial how to use Offline Training: <link - tutorial>
Topic to report a bugs with Offline Training: <link - bugs>
Poll about buying Offline Training time for premium: <link - poll>

All characters from Classic has been copied to Test Server.
I'm asking you to log on Test Server and set Offline Training on few of your characters.

For help with test a 10 random players will get 5 ss for each.
There will be also a rewards for players who will report bugs with Offline Training.

Nilan @ Yesterday 13:47
New skins - October

6 new skins has been added and one skin has been reworked.
Nowe skiny: Dende skin "Death", Piccolo skin "Supreme", C18 i C17 skin "Team R",
Cooler skin "Skinny" oraz Uub skin "T'Challa".
Rework: Vegeta at "Whis Armor" on transform "god power" has red hairs (super saiyan god).

Changes in hell fruits:
- less hell fruit from Weakened Dabury (2x less)
- 100x hell fruit for bonus points costs 1500 bp (before 750 bp)
- for Starving Beerus hell fruit has 5k calories (before 10k)

Offline Training - information
Today or tomorrow where will be a news with details about offline training.
You will be able to use offline training on Test Server before it will be added to Classic.

Nilan @ 2018-09-05, 13:05
New race C21
New race has been added to the game.

If you have any problems with client like debug, no new outfits or no new skins you need to download client from website:

Params of new race: <link>
Four new skins has been added:
- Brolly - DBS (rare)
- Vegeta - Ultra Blue (rare)
- Freezer - Red Hood (common)
- Freezer - Space Pod (legendary)

You will be able to make new race on Account Maker at 13:15.
Also remember, that you can skin tutorial via "!skip" command (you will gain hp and ki from chests).
In case of C21 after !skip you will be teleported to Heaven.