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Nilan @ Today 12:10
Cyber Monday 2021
Cyber Monday - the opportunity to buy valuable items.

Start at 20:00 Polish time.
To buy, you need to have items on the character (NOT in the depo, NOT in stash, NOT in !cash), preferably in the main backpack.
After a successful purchase of 30s exhaust. After logging in and after the relog we have 30s exhaust to buy.

When you buy for gold bars, you must have gold bars in bp, 100x credit card (not changed to 1x gold bar) is not treated as a gold bar.
When you buy salamandre skins, you must have salamandre skins in bp, 1x fire samalandre skin (changed from 100x salamandre skin) is not treated as salamandre skins.


Nilan @ 2021-11-26, 12:15
Black Friday i Black Week 2021


Auctions on forum
Full Senzu Title (items) (lasts to 02.12.2021 19:00)
Unique - Sidra Statue (z-scrolls only) (lasts to 02.12.2021 19:10)
Pride Troopers skin card (z-scrolls only) (lasts to 02.12.2021 19:20)

Houses auctions
[SELL] Domek West City XXIII (lasts to 02.12.2021 19:30)
[SELL] Domek West City LIII (lasts to 02.12.2021 19:30)
[SELL] Domek South City VIII (lasts to 02.12.2021 19:30)

All skins 20% cheaper!

Z-Market sale!
- 1x z-scroll daje 50x credit cards zamiast 16x (3X MORE ITEMS!)
- 5x z-scrolli daje 15x salamandre skin zamiast 6x (2.5X MORE ITEMS!)
- frags remover za 1x z-scroll zamiast 2x (50% CHEAPER!)
- kinto za 3x z-scroll zamiast 4x (25% CHEAPER!)
- treasure key za 2x z-scroll zamiast 3x (33% CHEAPER!)
- small random box za 1x z-scroll zamiast 2x (50% CHEAPER!)
- normal random box za 4x z-scroll zamiast 5x (20% CHEAPER!)
- big random box za 8x z-scroll zamiast 10x (20% CHEAPER!)
- document za 40x z-scroll zamiast 60x (33% CHEAPER!)
- frost random box za 5x z-scroll zamiast 6x (16% CHEAPER!)
- dark random box za 12x z-scroll zamiast 18x (33% CHEAPER!)
- delicious soup recipe za 15x z-scroll zamiast 20x (25% CHEAPER!)
- statue holder za 30x z-scroll zamiast 50x (40% CHEAPER!)
- soul redemption za 20x z-scroll zamiast 25x (20% CHEAPER!)
- golden noble chest za 20x z-scroll zamiast 25x (20% CHEAPER!)
- platinum noble chest za 40x z-scroll zamiast 50x (20% CHEAPER!)
- emerald noble chest za 60x z-scroll zamiast 75x (20% CHEAPER!)
- ruby noble chest za 80x z-scroll zamiast 100x (20% CHEAPER!)

Cheaper skins and sale in Z-Market lasts to 09.12.2021 12:10 (Thursday).

In Monday 29.11.2021 is Cyber Monday - the ability to buy various valuable items for currencies such as credit cards, salamandre skiny, z-scrolle, dragon balle.
The number of items is limited, the exact list and price list will appear in the news on Monday. Start shopping (first come first served) o 20:00.
This was the case in previous years (link) - this year, the list of items will be slightly different.

Nilan @ 2021-11-10, 13:01
Halloween Event 2021 - Dates
Halloween Event - Dates

16.11.2021 12:09 (Tuesday)
- End of the Halloween Event
- end of pumpkin tokens and candies drop from mobs
- end of Halloween mobs raids
- end of Halloween boss raids
- end of Huge Skeletor and Banshee event
- end of Sweet Pumpkin mini event
- respawn 'pile of earth' for one more week
- necromancy wand works for one more week (without pumpkin tokens)
- respawn of Undead Bosses for one more week (without pumpkin tokens)
- NPC Witch avialable for one more week
- items: Halloween Candy and Frag Boosters works for one more week
- scary mask, blue candy and old book works for one more week
- Halloween Castle available for one more week (in a version that can be done with 2 people)
- no more pumpkin balls, summoning Pumpkin Shenron and bonuses from wishes for one more week
- Horror Fields event works for one more week (with pumpkin tokens)

18.11.2021 23:59 (Thursday)
- end of the contest for best screen
- end of best new system idea

20.11.2021 23:59 (Saturday)
- end of gathering candies from baskets near houses
- end of Halloween Tower

22.11.2021 12:09 (Monday)
- end of Halloween lottery

23.11.2021 12:09 (Tuesday)
- end of halloween skins sales: Skeleton skin card, Halloween skin card and Bundle
- end of 'pile of earth' respawn
- end of necromancy wand
- end of improved pumpkin backpack creation
- end of event bonuses from improved pumpkin backpack
- unfinished Horror Scarecrows will be removed
- end of Undead Bosses spawn
- removal of NPC Witch
(exchange of zombie hands and werewolf heads available for almost a year just simply 'use' on stack of 100x items)
- end of bonusses from Halloween Candy and Frags Boosters
- end of bonusses from scary mask, blue candy end old book
- end of Halloween Castle
- end ofu Horror Fields event
- end of Pumpkin Shenron summoning and bonusses from wishes
- removal of Halloween decorations (map)
- the settlement of the competition for symbolic prizes from the top Undeads killed and top Necromacny level
- Anniversary Cake will be changed to rotten food