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Doomfletch @ Yesterday 17:14
Discount on PACC and new minitasks
Few changes and amendments to the game.

Discount on PACC until 01.04.2019.

Information about upcoming changes to PvP balance.

IMPORTANT! Rewards for sagas x5 will be changed.
Instead of Dragon Balls (in total 6 db) you will receive a wish from Shenron (not tradable).
The change will be introduced on April 10 2019!

New mini-tasks on Demon Realm and Beerus Planet.
Demon Realm:
Makozu: 200x kill, level 1200, reward = 100 mln exp, bp 200, 2 credit, NPC: Razoku
Evil Makozu: 200x kill, level 1300, reward = 200 mln exp, bp 200, 4 credit, NPC: Razoku
Devil, kills = 200x kill, level 1400, reward = 300 mln exp, bp 250, 5 credit, NPC: Razoku
Demon Ogre, kills = 200x kill, level 1500, reward = 400 mln exp, bp 300, 7 credit, NPC: Razoku
Majin Wizard, kills = 200x kill, level 1500, reward = 500 mln exp, bp 350, 9 credit, NPC: Dabura Servant
Pit Lord: 300x kill, level 1600, reward = 600 mln exp, bp 400, 15000000, NPC: Dabura Servant
Beerus Planet:
Divine Frog: 200x kill, level 1100, reward = 200 mln exp, bp 200, 5 credit, NPC: Whis
Ent: 200x kill, level 1100, reward = 200 mln exp, bp 200, 5 credit, NPC: Whis
Wisp, kills = 200x kill, level 1100, reward = 200 mln exp, bp 200, 5 credit, NPC: Whis
Dryad, kills = 250x kill, level 1300, reward = 350 mln exp, bp 300, 8 credit, NPC: Whis
Earth Golem: 250x kill, level 1300, reward = 350 mln exp, bp 300, 8 credit, NPC: Whis
Earth Beast: 200x kill, level 1600, reward = 650 mln exp, bp 400, 15000000, NPC: Whis

Doomfletch @ 2019-03-13, 20:52
Schedule - gardening event


14.03.2019 12:10 (Thursday)
- "seeds" will be disabled from drop
- competition of cultivating flowers ends and prize giveaway: (ranking)
- plants will grow faster - that will be the last 24h to use seeds

14.03.2019 14:00 (Thursday)
- another competition will appear on FanPage: <link> (FanPage is in Polish)

15.03.2019 12:10 (Friday)
- gardening event ends - flowers still can be exchanged at NPC
19.03.2019 12:10 (Tuesday)
- farmlands and ToL wull be removed from the game
- flowers can no longer be traded at NPC
- patch and quality of life improvements:
* 100x tokens from sparring can be changed into 1x token box
* empty containers will stack
* information about bosses invasions will appear few minuts before the invasion occurs
- some information about upcoming race balance

Doomfletch @ 2019-03-11, 18:27
Event - gardening
EVENT - gardening
In four places on the map you can find a garden in which you will grow flowers.

Each garden works the same as depo does, i.e. work as depo in West City, doesn't matter if you opened the chest on the ground floor or first floor, you would have the same items.
The gardens work in similar way, doesn't matter which one you visit, all will be the same.
Each player has 25 spots to seed a plant.

To grow a plant:
1. You have to create a hoe with 1x wood i 3x silver bar - put 1x wood in bonus slot and 'use' it.
2. Use hoe on ground to plow it.
(the hoe has 12% chance to break.)
3. Sow 'seeds' in the ground, which can drop from mosnters.
4. Pour the seeds with 'vial of water' - buy 'empty vial' at NPC Barman and fill it with water at oasis near Karin Tower.

5. After watering the seeds wait 15 minutes until something grows and then water again.
(time flies only when your character is online.)
6. Repeat the action several times until the flower is fully grown.
7. Cut the flower with 'scissors' from NPC Cristin to receive a random flower.

70% red tulip - can be traded at NPC Lucie for 2 credit cards
16% narcissus - can be traded at NPC Bulma for: exp booster, skill booster, loot booster, 5x event token, 200 bonus points (random)
8% pink rose - can be traded at NPC Loren for: 1x salamandre skin, 1x money bag, 20x hell fruit, 8x event token, 400 bonus points (random)
4% orchid - reduces bad karma - can be used once every x minutes, where x depends on your level (low-level every 15 min, h-level every 1h)
2% enchanted senzu bean - gives +2000 to senzu title

Players, who will grow the most plants will receive a prize!