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Nilan @ Dzisiaj 12:49
Update - Twin Universes Tournament
Update was introduced.

Direct links to the client:
(in case there is a problem with the auto-updater)

Detailed information in the changelog: <link>


Cooking System

Twin Universes Tournament

Monsters outfits rework

viris @ 2020-09-18, 21:40
New Tutors and Update Announcement
After a long trial period, I announce the results of the recruitment for Tutors!

Mozej, Derpblade, Mandaryna, Sobaneffr are officially full-fledged Tutors.

Mirage and Oski- I extend the trial period, there is still a chance to prove your worth.
Don't give up!

Optimum, Bdokv, Lalo Unfortunately they end their Trial Tutor period with a failure.
I encourage you to participate in the next recruitment process.

Update Announcement

Update in September (even before new special techniques) including
* continuation of quests based on DB Super sagas
* new sparrings
* 2k level Custom Effect
* senzu beans pouch
* new skins

Nilan @ 2020-08-30, 19:07
Summer Event - schedule
Summer Event - schedule

01.09.2020 12:10 - end of Summer Event
* end of event fishing
* the end of the Heat of the Summer Quest
* the end of Underwaver Cave respawns
* the end of skin discounts
* Summer skins removed from the shop
* the end of Dark Shark and White Shark mini event
* no more lime and waffle drop
* you can make ice creams and exchange them for the boosters for one more week.
* you can exchange lime drinks at NPC Lime for one more week
* you can still use summer bonus items for 2 more weeks (2x bonus for 2h)

08.09.2020 12:10
* no more ice-cream making and exchanging them for boosters at NPC Ice Creams
* no more exchanging lime drinks at NPC Lime
* you can still use summer bonus items for 1 more week (2x bonus for 2h)

15.09.2020 12:10
* Summer bonus items won't work anymore (2x bonus for 2h)
(those not used, will remain as a decoration, i.e. it will not be possible to sell them

Somehow in mid-September - new skins and patch.
In late September - special techniques for races tests on the test server.