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Nilan @ Today 14:15
XII Anniversary

XII Anniversary!
On this occasion, NPC appeared on the map. He will give us a gift (anniversary pillow + random prize).
100+ level required, to find the NPC you can use: sense "XII Anniversary

Contests for the anniversary!

Birthday rhymes:

An interesting story from DBL:

Nilan @ 2018-11-02, 11:03
Halloween Event 2018
Halloween Event 2018


1. Van Helsing.

To start the quest, we need to find the entrance to the Van Helsing house. The entrance will appear anywhere on the map. Each time someone enters through the door, they change their location. The entrance looks like this:

2. Old Witch
After completing the mission at Van Helsing, he sends us to the old witch. Her house is located near the Karrin Tower, also we get access to zombie land - very profitable in terms of experience hunting place. We will receive more missions from the Witch, after completing them we will get access to the castle and the opportunity to trade with a Witch. The new items, which can be purchased from the Witch, include potions called boosters. Those mixtures gives us:

  • x2 experience for 10 minutes
  • x2 loot for 10 minutes
  • x2 skill for 10 minutes
  • removal of all frags (also can take out us from hell)
  • +100 movement speed for 10 minutes
  • fullness (no need for eating) for 10h

3. Zombie Land
Zombie Land is a place where there are a lot of monsters with an exp much much bigger than others on our level. We get access to the island after the finishing mission at Van Helsing. From monsters you can get Pumpkin Tokens - needed for Lottery or for trading with a Witch; denaturat - needed for the castle; broken pumpkin balls - which can be turned into a pumpkin ball for summoning a dragon.

4. Zamek
After completing the witch's mission, we get access to the castle. To pass the castle you have to figure out all the puzzles that have been hidden in it - the fight with monsters is secondary. After going to the top floor and before the boss fight, we have to go to Van Helsing and perform the last missions.


1. Halloween obelisks
Event Maker will place an obelisk at the selected location. This obelisk summons monsters. Depending on whether it is a reward for 1 player or an event for more players, there will be monsters for 1 lvl category or for all. For one hour, every minute there are monsters that are profitable in terms of exp. From monsters, we can get candies and a few rare items with a very small chance.

2. Scary Pumpkin
From time to time, in a random place on the map, a scary pumpkin will appear. The first person to use a basket on it (pumpkin basket) will receive a prize. The prizes you can get:

  • 3000 bonus points
  • diamond heart
  • ancient stone
  • random energy container box
  • biotsuful mask
  • 3rd part of cell processor
  • dragon ball
  • document
  • frozen armor
  • hildegarn trophy

The pumpkin basket is available from the z-market for 3 z-scrolls.


1. Events from Event Makera
On different days and hours, during the event's Halloween, you can expect other attractions, such as special event raids for the event, from EM Banan

2. Pumpkin Shenron
After gaining 7 pumpkin balls or 70 broken pumpkin balls (10x broken can be turned into 1x normal) you can summon a dragon.
Wishes we can take from him:
  • 50 percents more zeni,
  • 4 hours per frag,
  • 20 percents better damage in monsters,
  • 25 percents more experience from zombies

Each Pumpkin Shenrona bonus will work until the end of the event. The dragon can be summoned several times to get all the bonuses.

3. Bucket with candies
In the cities with depo and near houses there are baskets from which we can get candy. To be able to pick up candies we need Candies Bag. You can sew Candies Bags at Tailor.

4. Lottery

Halloween Lottery started, more info in that topic (link) I encourage you to participate in the lottery and the whole event!

Scary Halloween!

Nilan @ 2018-11-02, 10:39
Halloween - skins

New skins for Halloween has been added. Skins are limited, it means that after 14 November 2018, you won't be able to buy these skins.
Each race got the same skin card, you can buy Halloween skin card and use it on any race.
Halloween skin card will be working even after end of event. It means that you will be able to trade it with other players etc.

Few days after end of this limited skins, I will add some missions for improving your outfits by coloring bones.

To unlock each color you will have to complete a simple mission relying on collecting trade items etc.
All colors will be equivalent (missions with a similar level of difficulity).