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Nilan @ Today 12:54
Christmas Event 2017 - ending
Christmas Event is last phase.

Event - 2x skill
Frozen Castle quest - Floor 1 has been completed by about 500 players. I'm back and I started event that has been announced before:
Skill 2x on 24 hours!
(except defence, energy and ki levela)

After-Christmas Lottery

Today After-Christmas Lottery has started, you can win unique item: Santa Claus minidoll: <link to lottery>

Christmas Event
Christmas respawns has been removed. You can't get more empty boxes from monsters.
Frozen Castle quest and christmas items will still work to 2 January.
There were some bugs with Frozen Castle:
* Floor 2: instead of 10x christmas orange and 100x dumplings players got 1x christmas orange and 1x dumplings
* Floor 4: players didn't get Santa Claus weapons
To get missing items you have to go to NPC Santa Claus and say: hi > bug fix
More info in Changelog: <link>

I apologize to all players for the problems during the event such as the debugs on Christmas respawns and problems with the Frozen Castle quest.
At the same time I would like to thank the Staff for help and answering to the players. In the future larger events will be thoroughly tested before the introduction.

Nilan @ 2017-12-22, 15:12
Christmas Event 2017 - Frozen Castle (quest)

Raids - every 3 hours christmas monsters will appear on planet Vegecie (Litte Snowman), Future Earth (Snowman) and Dark Star (Santa Claus) (<map with monsters respawn>)

Crafting of new Santa Claus Backpack - only during Christmas Event you can craft new santa claus backpack (weight 1 oz, 30 slots)
Required items:
- 3x any santa claus item (in example: santa claus pants, santa claus sword, santa claus hat)
- 100x katchin
- 2x purple backpack
- 1x old santa claus backpack
After giving a present box to Santa Claus you have chance for old santa claus backpack, it total only 8 old santa claus backpack will be delivered to players.
Backpack can be created in Combo Room na planet Vegeta.

Frozen Castle
Level categories:
* 300-499
* 500-999
* 1000-1499
* 1500+
To enter a quest, you have to deliver all present boxes to NPC Santa Claus.
From quest you can get items like: santa claus glover, santa claus sword, santa claus ball, chance or unique doll and random item.

Event skill 2x
When about 100 players will complete Frozen Castle quest - Floor 1, a bonus x2 skill for 24 hours will start.
You will be inform in next news about that.

Nilan @ 2017-12-21, 16:17
Christmas Event 2017

Basic part
Santa Claus need our help, first we have to bring 5 letters from NPC to Santa Claus. Later all players have to collect present boxes in specific colors.

How to make present box:
1. First you have to loot empty box from monsters - box can be looted only from monsters for our level or stronger. If you "look" on monsters you will see chance for empty box drop and max level. Max level means that player with higher level can't get empty boxes from this monster.
2. Empty box need to be colored, to do this you need to click "use with" on empty box and select some trade item. Selected trade item determines color of present box, you will also need 3x piece of cloth in this color.
<LINK - here is list what trade items is required to make color boxes>
3. You will need a ribbon. To get this item, you will need a shears. You have to use shears on piece of cloth, 1x piece of cloth gives you 1x ribbon. Chance that shears will broke is 20%, new shears can be bought from NPC Santa Claus for 10 zeni banknote, but you have to do his mission with letters first.
4. Now you have to match color box with color ribbon. You have to click "use with" on ribbon and select a box. As a result you will get present box, which Santa Claus needs
Present with correct ribbons:

* Reward for mission with letters is 1x shears, +1 level and unlocking of shop with decorations and useful items ("hi > offer" to NPC Santa Claus).
* Reward for giving color present box to Santa Claus is: 30x zeni banknote + 1x christmas orange and 1% chance to get christmas item:

Christmas orange gives +3 bonus points after use.
* Reward for giving from 10 to 100 present boxes (depend on level) is unlocking a new christmas respawn. Monsters on that respawn are more profitable that normal, but you will have a kills limit.
To enter new respawn you have to use a switch on Santa Claus island, you have 4 possible enters.

You can get some christmas decorations.
1. You can get decorations after giving present box to Santa Claus (1% of chance).
2. You can buy decorations to house from Santa Claus shop (you have to do mission with letters first).
3. You can get decorations from event that SGM Sauc and SGM Prospero are making (more info soon).
4. You can buy christmas tree in z-market for 2 z-scrolls (it will be required to take a part in SGM Prospero and SGM Sauc event).

Santa Claus shop
You can exchange "christmas cookies" to items in Santa Claus shop. Cookies can be looted from any monster.
- 1x red/green/blue carpet - 10 cookies - it is a carpet to house
- 1x frozen chair - 20 cookies - decoration
- 1x christmas tapestry - 30 cookies - decoration
- 1x christmas table - 100 cookies - decoration
- 1x white bear - 1500 cookies + 100 credit cards - decoration(rare)
- 1x christmas candy - 3 cookies - after use your bad karma will be reduced (time limits for using)
- 100x dumplings - 1x cookie - food, very nutritious
- 100x gingerbread tree - 2x cookies - gives full hp and ki, but works only at Frozen Caslte (at Frozen Castle you can't get "ki spent").

Main part
There is a palette on Santa Claus island, when it will be full a main part will start.
To make it full all present boxes need to be delivered to Santa Claus (24 000 present boxes in total, 3 000 boxes of each color).
Main part:
* open access to Frozen Castle - quest for 4 level categories
* you can get presents from Christmas Tree in West City (at least 50+ level)
* you can get presents from Santa Claus (at least 50+ level)

After start of main part of event, you can deliver more present boxes to Santa Claus, but reward is worse:
20x zeni banknote, +1 bonus points on your character and 0.1% chance for christmas decoration.