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Nilan @ Yesterday 21:41
Halloween Event 2019

Halloween Event 2019

If you have a problem downloading the client in the auto-updater, you can download the entire client from another source:
<Mirror 1>
<Mirror 2>
<Mirror 3>

Dread @ 2019-10-21, 21:31
PACC promotion and patch preview v2

Update Preview - new raids.
In the next update there will be added 6 new raids.

1. Androids on Future Earth
Raid power: same as Bojack's raid.
Deion: Raid based on player suggestions. Androids C17 and C18 with army of robots will appear on Future Earth. Androids will attack random city. After defeating they are fleeing near another city 3 times. Final fight is near Doctor Gero laboratory on Future Earth where the additional boss will be C16.

2. Birth of Janemba
Raid power: same as Hildegarn raid.
Deion: Raid based on "Dragon Ball Z: Fusion" cinematic and episode of DBGT with Cell and Freezer in Hell. The barrier between Earth and Hell is broken. Army of soldiers and defeated before enemies like Nappa appeared on Earth. We are fighting with demons in Hell - Perfect Cell, Freezer and main raid boss - Janemba.

3. Cooler revenge
Raid power: same as Super C13 raid.
Deion: raid based on 2 cinematics about Cooler. Cooler with his minions arrived on Earth to avenge his brother. After defeating Cooler on Earth battle moves to planet Namek where we can find a lot of Metal Coolers and main raid boss - Big Gete Star.

4. Black Goku on Future Earth
Raid power: harder than Hildegarn raid.
Deion: raid based on player suggestions and anime episodes from DBS. Goku Black is terrorizing cities on Future Earth, we have to stop him. We have to fight with members of the Resistance who are possessed by fear and madness, which see the enemy in everyone. After that we can defeat main raid boss.

5. Pride Troopers
Raid power: harder than Hildegarn raid.
Deion: raid based on player suggestions. Pride Troopers from Universe 11 want to test their strength, for this purpose they are looking for warriors for sparring. Battle takes place in South Island on Earth. Main raid bosses are Jiren with his strong friends - Toppo and Dyspo. Additional challenge are 20 other members of Pride Troopers.

There is loot chance for special item "pride troopers material" - 100x of this material allows you to sew Pride Troopers skin.
(loot chance is very small due to that we can sew about 1 skin every 8 months).

6. Legendary Super Saiyan
Raid power: harder than Pride Troopers. Raid available only for 2000+ levels.
Deion: raid based on Dragon Ball Super: Broly cinematic. Freezer recruited Paragas and his son Brolly. They arrived on Earth at Winter Island together with Freezer's fleet. At the beginning we are fighting with Freezer's army and Paragas, and then we have to defeat Freezer - Golden Form, Goku - God Form, Vegeta - God Form, to have the main boss for ourselves. At the end very strong boss - Brolly appears. He has special abilities and mechanics (like some quest bosses).

There is small chance to loot rare item from raid named "legendary heart" - eating the heart makes us immune to the harsh conditions of the new planet available from 2000+ level - Vampa.
Planet Vampa, will be place for 2000+ levels with new, profitable respawns, there will be also new tasks and minitasks.
"legendary heart" will be available with the update, while new planet due to its profitability will be available after end of Halloween Event.

Nilan @ 2019-10-03, 16:00
Update preview and break in delivery of PACC
IMPORTANT! I won't be there for about a week, that's why premium points bought after 08.10.2019 will be given after 15.10.2019.
(If you send a payment over the weekend or on Monday, you will receive a promotion before the break.)

Update preview
At the end of October, an update will be introduced with the Halloween Event.
You can expect an action bar, new raids, an event quest, new challenges with prizes and 'supply stash'.

Supply Stash is an additional storage space in the depot, in which you will be able to keep 'stackable items' of a given type in one slot with unlimited amount.
This will make it easier to take items from the depot, you won't have to stuff them in a dozen of backpacks.

More info soon.