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Doomfletch @ Yesterday 20:58
Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Event!

Bonus for Parties!
For next 24 hours while leveling with somebody in party with exp-share both players will gain 100% experience!
If you are leveling in larger team you would receive slightly more experience than usual.

Raids I Love You
By the end of this week expect I Love You to invade server at random time

<The Valentine's Day Lottery has started>

This year once again Valentine's Backpack can be won by first drawn person and there is an additional gift Super Heart Pillow for top 12.

Valentine's Card
Over the next few days you can get Valentine's Card, which can be traded at NPC for prizes.
This card can be obtained from:

* winning 4 sparrings in 1 day
* completing 1st part of task (kill monsters)
* loot from monsters

Playes, who already did 4 sparrings or task before the update went live will receive valentines cards via parcel.
The card can be gifted to any female NPC (hi -> valentines card -> yes):


NPC Bulma - you will receive 1x skill booster (bonus to skill 1.5x)
NPC Teacher - you will receive 1x experience booster (bonus to exp 1.5x)
NPC Cristin - you will receive 1x loot booster (bonus to loot 1.5x)
NPC Heina - you will receive 1x wybrany mebel do domku z serii "valentines furnitures"

NPC Loren - you will receive 2x event token
NPC Cashier Jane - you will receive 3x credit cards
NPC Lucie - you will receive 100 bonus points

Valentine Quest this weekend
This weekend a new quest: Tower of Love will be unlocked.
Your goal is to get to the top of the tower to save princess.
There will be a special task to do on each floor.
The quest will be in game for over a week, so everyone will be able to do it!

Have fun celebrating Valentine's Day!

Doomfletch @ 2019-02-08, 21:55
Recruitment for Tutors
I would like to announce a recruitment for Tutors!
People interested in are asked to write a private message with [Tutor] tag and your name in game to Nilan . We're also looking for foreigner Tutors.

[Tutor] Nilan

Tell in the text why do you want to become Tutor and how were you helping other players.

People who do not want to become a Tutor, but would like to recommend someone else can write a private message with tag [Tutor] nick of the person you want to recommend and note - "recommendation"

[Tutor] Nilan - recommendation

Write in the message why said player is suitable for this position.
New Tutors will be chosen next week and will begin their 2 week trial as Trial Tutors.
Good luck!

Doomfletch @ 2019-02-07, 17:54
Skins for february and stats for h-levels
New skins were added for february

Cooler's skin has shine effect (on/off)
Female Janemba's hair can be toggled (on/off)

LIMITED - random skin card

By the end of this month you can buy "random skin card" - costs 300 PP
The "random skin card" after use changes to random skin card for your race.
"Random skin card" can be used on any lvl so if you would like to draw a skin for certain race you just have to make a new character and pass through tutorial.

Chances for races, which have at least 1 legendary skin:
55% = random Common skin card for your race*
30% = random Rare skin card dla for your race*
10% = random Legendary skin card for your race*
4% = Halloween skin card
1% = Pride Troopers skin card

Chances for races, which don't have any legendary skins:
50% = random Common skin card for your race*
45% = random Rare skin card for your race*
0% = random Legendary skin card for your race*
4% = Halloween skin card
1% = Pride Troopers skin card

PvP Changes, etc.
Hp and ki reductions to characters with level above 2000+. From now on characters with level 2000+ gain hp and ki every 5 levels.
While having pz-lock, hell fruits don't regenerate hp and ki but still give fullness.