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viris @ Wczoraj 13:33
Summer Event 2020
Summer event has been introduced!

This year, as in the previous year, the Earth's heat is terrible. Bulma will want us to help the locals by providing them with 'lime drinks' and the necessary items to survive the heat. Our main task will be to find the cause of the heat. You will fight against sea monsters, explore underwater caves, face pirates and test your agility while chasing a shark.
The holiday quest begins with the words: 'hi > heat of the summer' said to NPC Bulma

Limes, waffle cone and ice cream

Limes - Limes are dropping from mobs - needed to create a 'lime drink', a quest item. Besides, 'lime drinks' can be exchanged for new house decorations and 'summer senzu bean' needed in the new quest (from Part II, additionally give +4 to title).
Limes from the previous year can be used. The recipe for drinks can be found on the board near NPC Lime 'look'.

Waffle cone - a new waffle cone object, needed to make an ice cream. Ice cream can be exchanged for exp/skill/loot boosters 1.5x, event tokens and new house furniture.
The recipe for ice cream can be found on the board near NPC Ice Cream 'look'.


Each character can go fishing for about 10-15 minutes a day on a specific rules.
You need at least 100 level to fish on event rules.
We can get 5 types of fish from fishing:

* a red fish that will give you 1.5x to a Strength skill rate
* yellow rybkę, fish that will give you 1.5x to a Sword Fighting skill rate
* green rybkę, fish that will give you 1.5x to a Ki Blasting skill rate
* blue rybkę, fish that will give you 1.5x to a Ki Level skill rate
* colourful fish, that gives you the feeling of being fed for a few hours

Besides, from time to time we'll be dragged by a sea monster into his underwater cave.
If we defeat the monster before we run out of oxygen we will get a lot of exp, zeni and bonus points.

It is possible to get a Summer skin card from an underwater boss, but only 1x for the whole server once a day!

Quest and new Exp

The main part of the event will be a quest available from 300 level, after the first part of the event we will get access to a new, very profitable exp place.
The exp place will be divided into 8 level categories.
Every day the player will be able to exp there maximum of 2h a day and 30h for the whole event (you can increase this limit to 3h a day and 50h for the whole event by completing quest parts).
After the time limit is reached, we can still go on a resp, but we won't get anything for killing monsters.

On average, every 2,000 or so killed monsters, a boss will appear on the new resp, from which valuable prizes such as a summer treasure box will be available.
On the resp there are hidden treasures (red crosses on the floor), if we use a pick-up on them we have a chance for a reward (limit of 20 treasures per day).
Boosters and bonus items do not work on there. (2x for 2h).

The quest is divided into 4 parts:
Part I - from 300 level, this part gives access to the new resp (solo)
Part II - from 500 levela, this part gives +10% resistance to the attacks of all monsters during the event (solo)
Part III - from 700 levela, (team)
Part IV - from 2000+ level, exchange of items for unique decorations and bonuses (you will need a lot of red drinks)

For completing Part III This year, instead of the Pride Troopers Skin Card lottery, each player has a chance for 1x Pride Troopers material.
Of all the people who have done Part IV at the end of the event, one random player will receive 1x Pride Troopers Skin Card.

House Palm
Just like a year ago there is a "house palm" available in the Z-Market for 10 z-scrolls, placed in the house it gives a 70% chance to pick the fruit every 2 hours. Fruit from the palm will be needed mainly for Part IV quest for 2000+ levels. After the event, the palms will not give fruit, but they can be used as decorations. The palms from the previous year also work during this event.

Summer Skins

Summer skins are available with colouring!
The price of sunmmer skin is 300 PP

Dark Shark & White Shark

Every now and then Dark Shark and White Shark will appear in the game, they are equivalents of Ram and Fleeing Sheep from Easter Event.
From them you will be able to get items needed to craft a new backpack - shark backpack.
The exact recipe will appear in the changelog.

Nilan @ 2020-07-02, 12:05
Market and new skins
IMPORTANT! - Demigra Tower - item rotation in a month
(details in Changelog)

Added in-game Market

Summer Event starts next week.

Nilan @ 2020-06-01, 12:17
Skins for May
Skins for May (a little delay).

* Vegeta - Yadrat - common
* Caulifla - Kaioshin - common (by MrMista) - option on/off black hairs on last and god
* Piccolo - Devilman - rare (by Roy)
* Goku - Power Ranger - rare (by Greksx) - option on/off helmet on god
* Hit - Antivenom - rare (by Roy)
* Uub - Evil - legendary (by Future Uub aka Slawoj) - two auras at on/off on god
* Cabba - Demigra - legendary (by Greksx) - color change to red at on/off on last and god