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Doomfletch @ Today 10:09
Patch 1.9.66 - new client
Patch 1.9.66 - new client

Changes: (Changelog)

In case of any problems related with client, for instance.:


Download new client here:

Nilan @ 2019-06-14, 05:52
Skins for June

Doomfletch @ 2019-06-01, 13:53
New races and contest
Three new races have been added to the game!

Techniques deion:

Contest !!!

If somebody hits 500, 1000, 1500 or 2000 level with new race, a global message will appear in the game.
If you play as the same race, after the announcement you have 24h to reach that certain level. Players, who will succeed will take part in lottery.
After 24h a random player will be drawn and will receive the prize for his stage:

500 level - 20x z-scroll, 1000 Bonus Points
1000 level - 1x Random Elite Saiyan Item, 2000 Bonus Points, 1x Dragon Ball.
1500 level - 2x Random Elite Saiyan Item, 4000 Bonus Points, 2x Gold Bar, 3x Dragon Ball
2000 level - 3x Random Elite Saiyan Item, 5000 Bonus Points, 4x Gold Bar, 5x Dragon Ball, New Backpack*
* there will be only 3 on the server

First player, who will achieve 2300 level with the new race will receive:
Full Elite Saiyan Set, 6000 Bonus Points, 20x Gold Bar, 7x Dragon Ball, Unique Trophy

Good Luck!