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Nilan @ Today 13:05
New race C21
New race has been added to the game.

If you have any problems with client like debug, no new outfits or no new skins you need to download client from website:

Params of new race: <link>
Four new skins has been added:
- Brolly - DBS (rare)
- Vegeta - Ultra Blue (rare)
- Freezer - Red Hood (common)
- Freezer - Space Pod (legendary)

You will be able to make new race on Account Maker at 13:15.
Also remember, that you can skin tutorial via "!skip" command (you will gain hp and ki from chests).
In case of C21 after !skip you will be teleported to Heaven.

Nilan @ 2018-08-03, 13:49
Patch and removed temporary quest
Today a patch has been introduced, mainly visual changes.
Information about major changes at the bottom of the news.

End of temporary quest
- temporary holiday quest removed
- the end of lime drop and getting red fruit
- resp coconut on palm changed from 3 minutes to 15 minutes
- resp rubble and burning tree changed from 20s to 30 minutes
- lime drinks and fruity drinks can be created (recipe at NPC Barman)
- lime, lime drinks, red fruit and fruity drink are food that can be drawn at Starving Beerus

New Gravity Room
Gravity Room now resembles the one of the anime.
Training on principles like the previous one, but we pay to the Gravity Console.
Each time you turn off gravity (hi> turn off) causes that you will have to pay again.
Similarly, when traveling (hi> travel), gravity is automatically turned off.

Thanks to Margoh and Pablo for sprites to new Gravity Room :)
PS. if you got bug like that: <link>, you need to download client again from <client>

A visual refreshment of a few respawns
- visual fixes to winter respawns: Winter Soldiers, Ice Warriors, Yeti, Ice Beasts

- visual fixed to Pirave Cave

- visual fixes to desert near West City and Raditz landing place

- added crafting of vacations backpack, recipe:
- 1x starfish
- 1x waterball
- 1x purple backpack
- 10x any cloth
- 50x red fruit
- 100x lime
- 100x shell

Other changes
- task Devils - you can also kill Evil Makozu in this task, 1000 kills required instread of 800
- command !enable_special_texts in "disabled" mode hides hits from melee and ki
- new items;
* chisel (crafting 10x from 20x wood and 100x silver bar)
* big ice cube (loot z Ice Beast (once per 33k), Yeti (once per 50k), Ice Warrior (once per 100k)
* ice mammoth (decoration to house, you have to use chisel on a big ice cube - very hard to get)

Player who will collect 3x ice mammoth as first and reported it to me, will gain 7x dragon ball or other reward like skills/bigger house - we will talk about that

Dates and announcements

New race
New race in August!
Nowa rasa w sierpniu! Are you curious about what rcae?
Foloow FanPage, there will be more information. Also there is contest on FanPage now:

I know that many players are waiting for some bigger update.
We're just working on it, it will be a new system that will significantly influence and diversify the game.
Information from time to time appears on the DBL discord:
In the meantime (before the update), a new automatic event will be introduced for each player - more information soon.
The update is planned for September.

Promotion on PACC
The PACCa promotion is still ongoing, the last moment to get + 20% promotion!

The promotion lasts until 5th August! Payments sent during the weekend will gain the promotion, even if they arrive after 5th August.


<Vacations lottery is ongoing!>

Nilan @ 2018-07-31, 12:28
Vacation Temporary Quest - end
Temporary quest "It's Vacation Time Part I, II, III i IV" has been removed.
Players who completed quest
It's Vacation Time - Part I completed by 150 players
It's Vacation Time - Part II completed by 95 players
It's Vacation Time - Part III completed by 65 players
It's Vacation Time - Part IV completed by 26 players
It's Vacation Time - Extra Part completed by 8 players

Taking quest from Bulma is blocked now, if you started part I, II, III or IV before, you can finish it. You have time to Friday 12:10.
Extra Part also can be completed to Friday.
- last chance to get some more limes - limes from monsters drop to Friday
(in this weekend limes will be food that can be choosen by Starving Beerus)
- respawn time of coconuts at palm changed from 3 minutes to 15 minutes
- respawn time of rubble and burrning trees changed from 20s to 30 minutes

Bonuses to exp/skill/loot from quest can be used in 2 week from now!