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Nilan @ Today 15:44
Temporary Quest - done

At 17.08.2017 about 04:20 PM 100-th player had completed Part III of temporary quest.
Quest is now in it's final phase.

Other players have to finish thier parts to:
- 18.08.2017 04:20 PM to complete Part III
- 20.08.2017 04:20 PM to complete Part II
- 24.08.2017 04:20 PM to complete Part I, Extra Part I oraz Extra Part II
After that quest will be removed.

Players had who completed Part III:
1. Syndykat
2. Hitaru
3. Cum Shot
4. Stalowiec
5. Bloodymare
6. Kamikadza
7. Off White
8. Feris
9. Kodza Cell
10. Lufcik
11. Galactic Explorer
12. Szatan Serduszko
13. Lazuli
14. Pan Friz
15. Nihat
16. Bewble
17. Matafix
18. Niezatapialny
19. Ivar The Boneless
20. Why Not
21. Kumalski
22. Big Bang
23. Janemator
24. Shibuya
25. April Fools
26. Laczkosky
27. Vorouge
28. King Adam
29. Schrom
30. Pablo
31. Niceman
32. Zermil
33. Archinar
34. Tizzon
35. Marian Come Back
36. Kamid
37. Papaczi
38. Shizi
39. Gradienn
40. Koxlix
41. Lucas Gohan
42. Kharazim
43. Krul Assguardu
44. Kalet
45. Nature Calls
46. Amster
47. Bromov
48. Luusek
49. Cest La Vie
50. Sephiroth
51. Keith
52. The Trunks
53. Hwastu
54. Weedon
55. Corre
56. Fireks
57. Pyjek
58. Happyyy
59. Panczit
60. Rooser
61. Kurier Dhl
62. Djud
63. Rand
64. Gumniak
65. Elite Coconut
66. Toruk Macto
67. Rubenso
68. Zabkowski
69. Make
70. Azymot
71. Eitoon
72. Stressed Out
73. Revox
74. The Droid
75. Calm
76. Tris
77. Przekoksowany
78. Ciepiel
79. Kifo
80. Soulz
81. Sudden
82. Not Really
83. Davent Hild
84. Coolradziq
85. Songoku
86. Pepe Pan Jaba
87. Adam Rzygadlo
88. Namekuseijin
89. Makflar
90. Chudzinks
91. Jeet
92. Chojrak
93. Neilen
94. Bakasura
95. Neal Caffrey
96. Candyman
97. Goku Final
98. Clade
99. Rajczu
100. Hugokopter
101. Zixar
102. Adik
103. Zakrecony Janusz
104. The Godfather
105. Beater
106. Lost Soul


Nilan @ 2017-08-10, 12:15
Temporary Quest
Continuous Development - Temporary Quest!

New quest has been added, it will be available until 100 players complete it.

Parts of quest na level requirements
Temporary quest got 3 basic parts and 2 extra parts:
- Continuous Development - Part I - 100 level
- Continuous Development - Part II - 500 level
- Continuous Development - Part III - 1000 level
- Continuous Development - Extra Part I - 1000 level
- Continuous Development - Extra Part II - 1500 level
You can check how many players already made each part with command "!quests".

End of quest
When Part III will be completed by 100 players quest will enter a ending phase.
After that, other players will have:
- 24h to complete Part III
- 3 days to complete Part I
- 7 days to complete Part I, Extra Part I and Extra Part II
Later quest will be removed.

Part I:
- 300 bonus points
- bonus exp x2 for 24h online on normal monsters (not bosses, not raids, not Weakened Dabura etc.) - you have to activate it at NPC
Part II:
- 800 bonus points
- bonus skill x2 for 24h online on normal - you have to activate it at NPC (not working for skill defence and energy!)
- 5x ss or 10x katchin or 75x credit card (you will choose)
Part III:
- 1200 bonus points
- choosen skill with limits – to choose at NPC (not skill rune! limits like in ultimate skill rune) - you can exchange skill for items: 10x ss or 20x katchin or 150x credit card (you will choose)
- extra reward for 1st players who complete Part III - 3x dragon ball
- extra reward for 2nd players who complete Part III - 2x dragon ball
- extra reward for 3rd players who complete Part III - 1x dragon ball
Extra Part I:
- Goku SSJ minidoll or Vegeta SSJ minidoll*
- 15% chance for Black Goku minidoll*
- 15% chance for Future Trunks minidoll*
Extra Part II:
- Goku SSJ2 minidoll or Vegeta SSJ2 minidoll*
- 30% chance for Black Goku minidoll*
- 30% chance for Future Trunks minidoll*
* minidolls will be given after next update with new client, NPC will inform you what minidolls you will get

Bonus x2 exp and x2 skill can be turned on and off at NPC (what kind of NPC you will get to know from quest).
Bonus time decreases only when bonus is turned on and your character is online.
Bonus still will be working for 14 days after 100 players complete Part III.

Information and tips
Basic parts of quest Part I, Part II, Part III got similar missions, but every next part got higher requirements.
To complete Part II, you have to complete Part I. To complete Part III you have to complete Part II and Part I.
To complete Extra Part I you have to complete Part III, Part II and Part I. To complete Extra Part II you have to complete all previous parts.
For example: 300 level can complete only Part I, 700 level have to complete Part I first and then he can complete Part II.

To complete Part I, Part II and Part III you won't need any items, but you have to spent some time to complete a quest. Rewards for parts I, II and III are profitable.
Extra Part I and Extra Part II requires valuable items and as a reward you will get only house decorations (minidolls). You should think twice if you want to start extra parts.
Extra Part I total cost:
100 raspberry, 3x honey, 100 metal components, 700 sands, 1x oozaru tail, 1x brolly talisman, 1x janemba heart, 1x cooler soul, 3x exodia skirt, 1x concentrated energy, 100x dark orb, 4000 bonus points.
Extra Part II total cost:
1x document, 10x z-scroll, 2x burnt scroll (temporary it can be looted from Super Android - "drop 0"), 50x katchin, 100x silver bar, 1x gold bar, 1x silver belt, 1x silver armor, 1x silver legs, 1x dowolny ultra item, 10x dynamite, 8000 bonus points.
Extra Part I i Extra Part II wymagają 2 osób!

To start quest you have to write quest name to some NPC!

Thanks for helping with quest for player Cum Shot.

Good luck!

Nilan @ 2017-07-18, 14:08
Account Maker update

Account Maker has been updated:
- landing page changed
- added info about monsters from KotDR and GFQ
- added info about new monsters from Pilaf Castle
- added info about new items
- added outfits of new monsters
- updated outfits of characters in "Races" section
- updated outfits in "Saga" section
- updated outfits of NPCs
- updated "Crafting" section