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Nilan @ Today 15:35
Balance on Test Server

Doomfletch @ Yesterday 17:42
MiniEvent - Hildegarn Trophy
MiniEvent - Hildegarn Trophy

raids occur 3x more often for a week.
2x higher chance for Hildegarn raid for a week.

NPC Dark Wizard temporarily buys dark stones, larva heads and green stones for 20x credit card each.

Larger part of the Easter Event has been removed.

More information in the (Changelog)

Doomfletch @ 2019-05-10, 20:28
Easter Event - schedule
Carrot Castle quest reward list

Easter Event schedule plan

Monday 13.05.2019 12:10 PM
- added crafting 'protection necklace'
- 'limit breaker' unlocks
- 12 Easter Games everyday instead of 24
- "chocolate easter bunny", "easter muffin", "chocolate easter egg" can no longer be bought from NPC Easter Chicken
Although buying will be impossible, items will still work.

Tuesday 14.05.2019
- information on FaceBook about new races

Thursday 16.05.2019
- race balance on test server

Monday 20.05.2019 12:10 PM
- Easter Games end
- Easter Flowers will no longer drop
- Water Pistols will no longer drop
- Easters Eggs (monsters) will no longer spawn
- Easter Packs will no longer drop
You will still be able to open Easter Packs after these changes.
- you will not be able to use "chocolate easter bunny", "easter muffin", "chocolate easter egg"
Bonuses, which have been activated before this change will still be active.
- Carrot Castle - in 1st mission, players will still be able turn in colorful eggs like it is now or other item (optional)
- Carrot Castle - entering the checkpoint will require easter flowers or other item (optional)
- Carrot Castle - items "chocolate easter bunny", "easter muffin", "chocolate easter egg" are going to be removed from the prize pool

Friday 31.05.2019 12:10
- players will be unable to trade with NPC Easter Bunny
- NPC Easter Chicken will be removed
- Easter Packs may no longer be opened

Active bonuses from items "chocolate easter bunny", "easter muffin", "chocolate easter egg" and Carrot Castle will be removed - for now there is no specific date, but not earlier than 31.05.2019.