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Doomfletch @ 2019-01-08, 17:30
Event schedules
09.01.2019 12:10:
* carps can no longer be fished
* end of competitions and prize giveaway for top places - snowflakes and jester doll parts will remain obtainable

14.01.2019 23:59:
* Winter lottery ends:

16.01.2019 12:10:
* boosters will be 2x more expensive

20.01.2019 12:10
* promotion on skins expires (-20% discount)

21.01.2019 12:10:
* boosters can no longer be bought
* boosters will have reduced effects: +50% skill, +50% exp i +50% loot
* event monsters will no longer appear

31.01.2019 12:10
* Frozen Maze quest will be removed
* NPC Olympics Manager will no longer sell decorations and items
* Santa Claus and event island will be removed
* map comes back to its original state
* homemade snowmans can no longer be made

Doomfletch @ 2019-01-03, 19:04
Promotion on skins and Frozen Maze Quest

Frozen Maze quest is now available.
Price of "ice key" has been changed to 80x snowflake.

Possibility of upgrading Snowman Set - each item is upgraded separately

Snowman Set is rewarded to h-levels from Frozen Maze quest.
Elven Set is rewarded to low-levels from Frozen Maze quest.
Elven Set - requires 500 level, grants absorb like silver set, full set gives 2x larger regen and +20% to cash dropped from monsters(no PvP bonuses)
Snowman Set - requires 500 level, grants 5% more absorb than ES set, full set gives 3x larger regen(no PvP bonuses)
Improved Snowman Set - requires 1000 level, grants 5% more absorb than ES set, full set gives 4x larger regen, reduces pz-lock duration by 3x and gives +50% exp for random monster(the selected at random monster changes every 2 weeks) (has same PvP bonuses like Elite Saiyan set)

Homemade Snowman - house decoration

To make a snowman and not lost it you will need 12 days.
First make a snowman in your house with items mentioned by Santa Claus and bring it 1x snowflake every 12 hours after each reset to prevent it from melting.
During next 12 days if you forget at least once about snowflakes or items for the next stage are not delivered, for example black cloth for hat then you would have to start from beginning.

Required items:
- 3x snowball, 5x katchin, 1x ice stalagmite
- 6x snowflake - 1x every each restart for 3 days
- 25x black cloth and 20x wood
- 16x snowflake - 2x every each restart for 4 days
- 20x blue cloth, 5x purple cloth and 100x carrot
- 30x snowflake - 3x every each restart for 5 days
- 50x ice cube

Doomfletch @ 2018-12-24, 14:23
Christmas Event 2018

Christmas event has started!

This year we have prepared a lot of varied events for you, which you haven't seen on our server yet. First unofficial Winter Olympics is now open.
The Winter Olympics offer 6 different competitions, in which you can fiercely fight each other for the highest possible score and obtain very good rewards and valuable points, which can be traded for curious rewards.

To take part in competitions, you have to go to the bridge leading to Winter Island and turn down. There is NPC and teleports to each competition waiting for you. Just choose the competition in which you want to take part, go to the teleport and step on the START.
NPC Olympics Manager explains how do they work

We'd like to encourage you to take part in the Olympics also because each time you finish the competition you have a chance to obtain Joker's part:

Besides competitions and Olympics Manager, in this place there is also Santa Claus, who gives out modest gifts to everyone:

A lot of new decorations were added, some of them can be bought at Olympic Manager, the rest, however, can be obtained from quest, lottery, christmas tree, Santa Claus, monsters or for taking part in competitions.

During the event, there will be no special leveling places, where you could level up very quickly. Instead of this, new christmas creatures will appear in areas inhabited by monsters, which do not differ in health points or damage, but they give a lot of experience, some bonus points and rare items which will be required in later phase of the event.

Like each year in West City near gym there is a christmas tree waiting for you. Each player will receive a gift today at 7 PM

In places where is ice, ice cracks can be found, in which you may fish carp. The carp gives you fullness and a bit of bonus points. To fish you need a fishing rod which can be bought at NPC Mark

Every few days, somewhere on map, Mythical Reindeer will spawn. His skin is very valuable and required to sew Reindeer Backpack.

In game there is also christmas quest, more information will appear soon.

IMPORTANT! If you experience problems with client.
Download new client from: (link - client)

In my and whole Staff's name we would like to wish you safe and merry Christmas. Have fun!