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Nilan @ Today 9:58
Update announcement
Update is comming

I'm working on a big update, it will change the game visually and introduce many interesting systems.
I don't want you to wait a few months for another update, so I have divided whole changes in 5 parts. It means 5 grapical updates and patches between.
The first part will change planet Earth and a new quest that covers the saga of the Golden Freezer from DBS will be added.

Here you can see a general plan of incomming changes, more detalied information will be posted in future:
Part I - graphical changes of planet Earth, new houses, quest that covers "Golden Freezer Saga" from DBS
Patch after Part I - new extra quests for low-levels, contracts system, casino
Part II - graphical changes of planet Namek and rest of changes in planet Earth locations
Patch after Part II - new raids, new extra quests for average levels, daily quests system
Part III - graphical changes of Heaven and Hell and serious rework of Heaven
Patch after Part III - new extra quests for average levels, quest that covers "Champa Saga" from DBS
Part IV - graphical changes of Future Earth and Dark Star
Patch after części IV - new extra quests for h-levels, fixed task bosses
Part V - graphical changes of Vegeta and Beerus Planet
Patch after części V - equipment upgrading sysytem, dungeons system

Part I will be introduced at the end of June, the exact date will appear later.
You can also see more screens from update at FanPage:
Like our FanPage! :)

Nilan @ 2017-04-18, 12:33
Easter 2017 - end of event
End of Easter Event!

Main part of Easter Event has ended. You can no longer make a Easter Quest or loot eggs from monsters.

For a week (until 25th April) it will be possibile to open easter packs, exchange "easter eggs" to bonus items and use bonus items on 2x exp/loot/skill.
Later bonuses from items won't be working. Easter packs will be change to zeni if you click "use" on them.

Nilan @ 2017-04-18, 12:33
New Server Rules
New regulations have been introduced:<new server rules>
There was a lot of points changed, so I am recommending to read the whole thing.

Main changes:
1. Insults – no longer punishment for soft insults, but the staff members can give ban on IP / account.
2. You are not allowed to sell premium for real money. It will be treated as a real money advertisement.
3. You can give away characters, but you can not exchange characters (no change).
Excessive giving-away characters will be treated as sharing (eg change owner on daily basis).
Exchange of characters is theoretically forbidden, but giving away and accepting another character from person after some time will not generally be punished.
This rule will soon be changed, as works on the exchange control system are underway.
4. You are allowed to use a lighthack, modify .dat, do transparent trees, but you can not modify OTC modules, add your own, etc.
5. The official prohibition regards to any bots advertising. You're also not allowed to give any advices in using bots, or programming them.
6. For "sell char sms" you can get banned as a real money deal.
7. Added a new point about threatening staff members CM+ (Community Manager) - ban for 3 days.
8. Publishing private data of someone without his or her consent in the game or forum = delete.
9. Blackmailing regards the evidence = delete (previously only for staff members, now also for players).
10. If the proof will disappear, but BN + is sure that ban was imposed correctly, then he can hold it (before removing the proof = undelete).
11. The .jpg format of screenshots are now accepted as a proof, but make sure that quality is good enough and everything is readable.
12. When we're requesting for the evidence in the Black List then you have to add "-proof" into the title of the subject.