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viris @ Wczoraj 23:04
Patch 1.9.74
Patch 1.9.74 has been introduced.
In case of problems with a client or an auto update, download the entire client from the site: <link>

Discounts on skins - date
The current promotion for skins runs until Thursday 21.05.2020 - 12:10 CEST

Improved antibot
Automatic detection of suspicious behaviour during battles and immediate note.

New quest - Future Terror
New [Extra] quest, 800 level required.
We start the quest with one of the NPCs by saying "hi > future terror".

3x Ice Mammoth Challenge
The challenge has started again: <link>

New Treasure Boxes
- new treasure boxes - from now on, instead of ordinary "treasure boxes", there are new treasure boxes assigned to a given planet

Two tasks a day
Additional permissions to kill task bosses for the task title.
After completing 50 tasks we get the possibility to make two tasks a day, provided that they won't be taken from one NPC.

New Title
Title for killing Shadows and for the KotDR quest.

Detailed information in the changelog: <link>

Nilan @ 2020-04-30, 10:33
Patch and new skins
20% discount on older skins!

Changes: (changelog)

Nilan @ 2020-04-15, 19:07
Easter Event - schedule
18.04.2020 20:00 (Saturday)
- end of auction on Improved Snowman Set <link>

18.04.2020 20:30 (Saturday)
- end of auction on Full Senzu Title <link>

21.04.2020 12:10 (Tuesday)
- end of event with means: end of easter flowers loot, end of easter games, end of easter packs from monsters, end of bosses on respawns
- trade with NPC Easter Bunny and NPC Easter Chicken lasts for one week
- bonus items from NPC Easter Chicken works for two weeks more
- Carrot Castle lasts for week

24.04.2020 12:09 (Friday)
- end of Easter Lottery: <link>

28.04.2020 12:10 (Tuesday)
- end of Carrot Castle
- end of trade with NPC Easter Bunny and NPC Easter Chicken
- bonus items from NPC Chicken Bunny works for weeks more

05.05.2020 12:10 (Tuesday)
- bonus items from NPC Easter Chicken stop working