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Nilan @ Today 12:14
Valentine's Day 2018

Bonus for Party!
On 24 hours, during hunting in two in part on exp-share, both players will get 100% of experience!
If you hunt in bigger party, you will also get some more experience than normal.

I Love You raids!
There will be some raids of monster called I Love You.

<Valentine's Day Lottery has started!>

Nilan @ 2018-02-09, 19:18
Weekend Event - starving Beerus

Tomorrow and on Sunday at 12:30, planet Earth will be visited by Beerus.
Beerus will be very hungry and all players will have to deliver him big amount of food.
If players manage to complete this task in 8 hours, a bonus on weekend will be activated.

Possible bonuses:
* 2x experience on 3h
* 2x loot on 3h
* 2x skill on 5h (no ki levela, defence and energy)

Bonus is on character, bonus time pass only if character is online. You have to use bonus time in this weekend or it will be lost.
To get bonus you will have to deliver some food by yourself.
More information and what kind of food you have to deviler will be announced tomorrow during event.

Nilan @ 2018-02-08, 12:34
Fat Thursday event

Today is Fat Thursday and I made a small event because of that.

Fat Thursday event:
- event lasts to 12.02.2018 12:00 (Polish time)

- every kind of food gives 2x more fulness

- chocolate donut from every monster - high chance
(by the end of February it works like hell fruit - restores full hp and ki, after that it will be normal food)

- sprinkles donut from every monster - average chance
(by the end of February it gives between 20-100k experience for players with level between 200-499, after that it will be normal food)

- fat buu minidoll from strong monsters - very low chance
(decoration to house)

Bon Appetit!