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viris @ Today 12:21
Halloween Event - Dates
Halloween Event - Dates

17.11.2020 12:10 (Tuesday)
- End of the Halloween Event
- end of pumpkin tokens and candies drop from mobs
- end of gathering candies from baskets near houses
- end of Halloween mobs raids
- end of Halloween boss raids
- end of Huge Skeletor and Banshee event
- end of Sweet Pumpkin mini event
- end of Halloween Tower
- respawn 'pile of earth' for one more week
- necromancy wand works for one more week (without pumpkin tokens)
- respawn of Undead Bosses for one more week (without pumpkin tokens)
- NPC Witch avialable for one more week
- items: Halloween Candy, Food Boosters and Frag Boosters works for one more week
- scary mask, blue candy and old book works for one more week
- Halloween Castle available for one more week (in a version that can be done with 2 people)
- no more pumpkin balls, summoning Pumpkin Shenron and bonuses from wishes for one more week
- Horror Fields event works for one more week (with pumpkin tokens)

18.11.2020 23:59 (Wednesday)
- end of the contest for best screen
- end of tutorial contest
- contest settlement for Pride Troopers materials from Halloween Tower

19.11.20120 12:09 (Thursday)
- end of Halloween lottery

24.11.2020 12:10 (Tuesday)
- end of halloween skins sales: Skeleton skin card, Halloween skin card and Bundle
- end of 'pile of earth' respawn
- end of necromancy wand
- end of Undead Bosses spawn
- removal of NPC Witch
(exchange of zombie hands and werewolf heads available for almost a year just simply 'use' on stack of 100x items)
- end of bonusses from Halloween Candy, Food Boosters and Frags Boosters
- end of bonusses from scary mask, blue candy end old book
- end of Halloween Castle
- end ofu Horror Fields event
- end of Pumpkin Shenron summoning and bonusses from wishes
- removal of Halloween decorations (map)
- the settlement of the competition for symbolic prizes from the top Undeads killed and top Necromacny level

26.11.2020 12:10 (Thursday)
- coronavirus raids

01.12.2020 12:10 (Tuesday)
- Anniversary Cake changes into rotten food

viris @ 2020-11-05, 19:08
Halloween - Horror Fields event

Every day at 8:10, 15:10, 20:10, 22:10 CET for everyone!

Starting today, every day, until the end of the Halloween Event, Horror Fields Event will take place.
- before 8:10, 15:10, 20:10, 22:10 CET players cn join the event by using the command !horrorfields join
- players are transferred to the temple on the new island
- The goal of the event is to find the monster called Zombie King, but there are a few, you have to find the real one!
- the player who will kill the real Zombie King will receive a reward 1x piece of zombie backpack (4x piece = backpack)
- Zombie King will appear after killing 200x Zombie
- there is no PvP on the island, everyone moves slowly, zanzoken does not work, everyone deals and gets the same amount of damage from mobs
- On the island we can face some mobs that will try to prevent us from finding the real Zombie King:
* Zombie - slow and small dmg, but there are a lot of them
* Horror Skeleton - Slow but deals a lot of dmg
* Horror Ghost - the immortal spirit that can stun us - it is better to avoid them
* Horror Vampire - a fast and strong monster, when you face ut, you have to defeat it quickly
- every killed mob on the island gives a symbolic reward e.g. pumpkin token
- we can attack only one mob at a time (area-based attacks work only on the selected target)
- on the island we will find additional 'pile of earth', which we dig through with a pickaxe (you won't lose the daily counter so get them all!)
- there are a couple of boxes hidden on the island Horror Chest, after they are destroyed, you will receive a valuable reward
- event ends 10 minutes after killing the real Zombie King
- after death at the event, we don't lose anything, we are being transfered back to the temple, but we can still look for the Zombie King
- if someone wants to leave the event, just type !horrorfields leave - but you won't be able to join again!

Thanks to Derpblade for the event proposal and Gan Blet for helping with the map..

Schedules of additional events during Halloween
18:00 - Monday, Wednesday, Friday - Huge Skeletor
18:00 - Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday - Banshee
18:00 - Halloween Invasion for low-levels (15-599 level)
19:00 - Halloween Invasion for medium-levels (600-1499 level)
20:00 - Halloween Invasion for high-levels (1500+ level)
17:00 - Halloween Boss - strong boss for high levels
15:30 - summoning Obelisk for 15-49 level and 50-99 level
16:00 - summoning Obelisk for 100-199 level and 200-299 level
16:30 - summoning Obelisk for 300-399 level and 400-599 level
17:00 - summoning Obelisk for 600-799 level and 800-999 level
17:30 - summoning Obelisk for 1000-1499 level
18:30 - summoning Obelisk for 1500-1999 level
19:30 - summoning Obelisk for 2000+ level
between 13:10 and 23:50 - a chance for the 'sweet pumpkin' to appear, 4x a day
every day at 8:10, 15:10, 20:10, 22:10 - horror fields - you can win a zombie backpack

The Halloween Lottery started!

(link to the lottery)

viris @ 2020-11-04, 19:28
XIV Anniversary
Drgon Ball Legend - XIV Anniversary!

On this occasion, an NPC appeared on the map, which will give a gift to every plyer (random decoration and random prize).
Required 100+ level, NPC is located in each of the cities on Earth: West City, Center City, East City, North City, South City.
NPC will be available for ~24h. Unused item "Anniversary Cake" after the Halloween Event will turn into rotten food.

Besides that, today you can expect raids of unusual bosses!

Anniversary contests!

Best screen shot contest:
(new screen - done on 04.11.2020)

Best guide contest (tutorial etc.):
(new guide - a guide that is not yet available but would be helpful for others)