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Nilan @ Today 15:17
Schedule for February-March

26.02.2020 (Wednesday) 12:10:
- Valentine's Lottery is over
- angels appear twice less frequently on respaws

27.02.2020 (Thursday) 12:10:
- end of the donut eating contest

28.02.2020 (Friday):
- skins for February
- end of the event for Fat Thursday
- end of Tower of Love
- end of angels respawn

08.03.2020 (Sunday):
- Women's Day event

Update comming in early March! New respawns, new items, new challenges, more information soon.

Nilan @ 2020-02-20, 12:09
Fat Thursday 2020

Small event on occasion of Fat Thursday!

Donuts and nutritious food
By the end of this week all food gives 2x more fullness.

Monsters drop 'chocolate donut', which works like senzu bean, but gives 100% fullness and +2 to senzu title.

Monsters drop 'sprinkles donut', which works like hell fruit (instantly regenerates all hp and ki, if you are not pz-locked) gives 100% fullness and +5 to senzu title.

Donuts from previous year also work!
Donuts can be eaten without exhaust to get the title faster, but the healing works only every 2s.

Baking donuts
During the event you may prepare a donut, which makes monsters fat and award you with:
* 5x more experience
* 5x higher chance for better loot
* 1 to 3 bonus points

Guide on how to make donuts:

1. Buy at NPC Sellior 'cooking form' (25x zeni banknotes) and 'oil' (10x zeni banknotes)

2. Put ingredients into 'cooking form' in a measured proportion:

* 1x flour - can be bought at NPC Joe (hi > buy flour), costs 1x credit card
* 10x egg - can be looted from monsters like Pterodactil, Larva, Brontosaur and Thunder Lizard
* 1x fruit like apple, banana, coconut, raspberry or 10x blueberry

3. Put the 'cooking form' on oven (for example on the one inside Goku House or Winter Island) and pour oil on it:

You have received 20x fried donut, it's time to ice them.

4. You can loot 'icing' from monsters.
If you use this item on 'fried donut' you would receive 'iced donut'.
Now we just have to add the topping.

5. Buy some sweets and use "axe" on them (axes can be bought at NPC Upa near Karrin Tower).
Obtained topping use on "iced donut".

Congratulations! The donut is now ready!

6. The donut can be used on any normal monster.
The donut doesn't works on:

* monsters from raids
* task bosses
* invasion bosses
* sparrings
* weakened dabura
* angels from valentines event

Additionally, for killing such monsters there is a 0.01% chance to obtain Super Buu minidoll, 0.02% chance to obtain Miss Buu minidoll and 0.1% chance to obtain Chocolate Buu minidoll.

Race in eating donuts
There are rewards for players, who will eat the most donuts:
* chocolate donut +1 point
* sprinkles donut +3 points
* using delicious donut on monster +12 points

Prize value:
I place: about 7 db + Super Buu minidoll
II place: about 5 db + Chocolate Buu minidoll
III place: about 3 db + Fat Buu minidoll

Competitions lasts to 27.02.2019 (Thursday) to 12:10 Polish time.

Nilan @ 2020-02-13, 12:47
Valentine's Day 2020

Valentine's Day Event!

Raids I Love You
Since today expect I Love You to invade server at 18:00 and 21:00 Polish time.


At hunting places you can find bosses - Angels, it will give you a decent amount of experience.
Also there is a chance to loot "cute teddy" (rare) and "shenron bag" (very rare).

<The Valentine's Day Lottery has started>

This year once again Valentine's Backpack can be won by first drawn person and there is an additional gift Super Heart Pillow for top 3.

Valentine's Card
Over the next few days you can get Valentine's Card, which can be traded at NPC for prizes.
This card can be obtained from:

* winning 4 sparrings in 1 day
* completing 1st part of task (kill monsters)
* loot from monsters

Playes, who already did 4 sparrings or task before the update went live will receive valentines cards via parcel.
The card can be gifted to any female NPC (hi -> valentines card -> yes):


NPC Bulma - you will receive 1x skill booster (bonus to skill 1.25x)
NPC Teacher - you will receive 1x experience booster (bonus to exp 1.25x)
NPC Cristin - you will receive 1x loot booster (bonus to loot 1.25x)
NPC Heina - you will receive 1x choosen furniture to house from "valentines furnitures" series

NPC Loren - you will receive 5x event token
NPC Cashier Jane - you will receive 8x credit cards
NPC Lucie - you will receive 100 bonus points

Valentine's Quest
Temporaty quest: Tower of Love has be unlocked.
Your goal is to get to the top of the tower to save princess.
There is a special task to do on each floor.
The quest will be in game for over a week, so everyone will be able to do it!

[size=16]Tutorial to the quest: <link>

Have fun celebrating Valentine's Day!