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Doomfletch @ Today 2:01
Easter 2019

Easter Event has been introduced!

1. Easter Bunny and earning easter flowers
easter flower can be looted from monsters and then traded for goods with NPC Easter Bunny.
Easter Bunny offers:
- experience booster (10x easter flower) - 1.5x exp for 10 min
- loot booster (10x easter flower) - 1.5x loot for 10 min
- skill booster (10x easter flower) - 1.5x skill for 10 min
Decorations are from the last year, this is an another chance to buy some of these.
- colourful dinosaur eggs in small and large versions
- painted chairs and tables in: red, green, blue, yellow
- 3 colourful carpets
Special Item
- 25x easter senzu bean (1x easter flower) - each eaten easter senzu bean adds +5 to eaten senzu balance

100x easter flower can be exchanged for 1x easter flowers boquete.

2. Easter Packs
Like every year, monsters drop Easter Packs.

  1. Violet: (0,2% chance to drop, (once every 500 monsters)

    • Zeni Banknote [x50] (40%)
    • Dust [x5] (15%)
    • Water Case [x1] (10%)
    • Rake [x1] (10%)
    • Green Flask [x1] (10%)
    • Bonus Points [x50] (10%)
    • Easter Flower [x10] (5%)

  2. Green: (0,1% chance to drop, (once every 1000 monsters)

    • Credit Card [x1] (40%)
    • Katchin [1x] (20%)
    • Crab Claw [1x] (20%)
    • Bonus Points [100x] (10%)
    • Star [1x] (5%)
    • Easter Flower [x20] (5%)

  3. Blue: (0,04% chance to drop, (once every 2500 monsters)

    • Credit Card [5x] (40%)
    • Katchin [3x] (20%)
    • Salamandre Skin [3x] (15%)
    • Bonus Point [200x] (10%)
    • Enchanted Senzu [1x] (10%)
    • Easter Flower [x100] (5%)

  4. Red: (0,02% chance to drop, (once every 5000 monsters)

    • Credit Card [20x] (40%)
    • Salamandre Skin [3x] (20%)
    • Enchanted Senzu [3x] (20%)
    • Bonus Points [500x] (10%)
    • Big Bone [1x] (5%)
    • Easter Flower Bouquet [2x] (5%)

  5. Colorful: (0,01% chance to drop, (once every 10000)

    • Credit Card [50x] (40%)
    • Enchanted Senzu [5x] (20%)
    • Easter Bunny Teddy [1x] (12%)
    • Bonus Point [1000x] (10%)
    • White Bunny Minidoll [1x] (7%)
    • Easter Flowers Bouquet [3x] (5%)
    • Black Bunny Minidoll [1x] (3%)
    • Skill Rune [1x] (2%)
    • Ultimate Skill Rune [1x] (1%)

Additionally, there's 15% chance for sparrings to drop easter packs, the more difficult sparring, the better the easter pack.
3. Easter Bosses
Easter Bosses have a chance to spawn in place of normal monsters.
Stronger monsters will spawn stronger bosses, beside more experience and zeni, bosses also give quite high amount of bonus points.

Bosses can also drop small quantities of colorful eggs and two items required to craft sheep backpack.
Acquiring the sheep backpack is similar to reindeer backpack - get 4x wool from sheep, which runs away and 1x horns from ram, which must be delivered to certain place.

4. Easter Games
6 new games have been added to the game, described more precisely in this topic: [PL]<Easter Games>
There's a new module which shows when the games start:

Module by Bakasura, Easter Games tutorial by Dread

5. Easter Chicken and gathering colorful eggs
You can earn colorful eggs for taking part in the Easter Games, which can be exchanged for bonuses and new decorations at NPC Easter Chicken
Additionally colorful eggs can be looted from task and easter bosses (harder task boss rewards more eggs, from 1 to 15 colorful eggs).

The best way to find NPC Easter Chicken is to use sense (sense "Easter Chicken).
Bonus Items
- chocolate easter bunny (10x colorful egg) - 2x exp for 2h
- easter muffin (10x colorful egg) - 2x loot for 2h
- chocolate easter egg (10x colorful egg) - 2x skill for 2h
- 3 new carpets
- square and round pillows in 4 variations - red, blue, green, yellow
- new set of furniture 'royal' - chairs, table, wardrobe and chest
- two new house decorations - plant and mighty egg

Bonus Items from Easter Chicken don't work with boosters!
You may have only one of those 'boosts' active at the same time. If you've used both, then the Bonus Item takes priority over boosters and the boosters will activate when Bonus Item expires. (this means first you will have exp/loot/skill x2 for 2 hours from Bonus Item then after 2 hours exp/loot/skill x1.5 for 10 min from booster)
Bonus Items work with bonuses from weekend event - Starving Beerus. Next Beerus on Saturday.

6. Dingus Day - water pistol
Monsters sometimes drop water pistol . You can use it to splash other players with water, the pistol will disappear and the bedraggled player gains +1 bonus points.
You will get the same pistol for taking part in "Water Splash" game.

7. Quest
Planned date to launch Easter Quest is Thursday 25.04.2019.

8. New races - when?
New races will arrive in May, more information will be posted on FanPage in early May.
- boosters - will work on new races
- random rewards etc. from which you can get bonus points - will works on new races
- water pistols - will work on new races
- easter bonus items (these with bonus x2) - will NOT work on new races - they will be removed before introduction of new races
- easter packs - will NOT work on new races - they will be removed before introduction of new races

Many thanks to Bakasura for making the module to Easter Games, Dread for making the Easter Games tutorial, Pablo for drawing graphics, which will be used in quest, Technicals, especially to Jezykk and Poncjusz for helping with adding graphics to client and Royal ;D

Happy Easter!

Nilan @ 2019-04-09, 15:03
Skins Lottery - news

Doomfletch @ 2019-04-08, 15:54
New modules
Skins Lottery
A new post with more information will appear soon, the main prize for taking 1st place will be a unique skin made by Roy.

New skins for April

New modules have been added to the client.
Thanks for preparing them to Bakasura.

If you find a bug you can report it here: (TOPIC - BUGS)

Full changelog: (CHANGELOG)

I also recommend you to watch a video made by Knrde, where he presents all modules: