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Nilan @ Today 19:29
Update of Account Maker and Auto-Senzu logger

Account Maker
- new logo
- update of Account Maker information, mainly: monsters and items
- new interactive map by Bakasura:
- info about skins is displayed in characters section

- better Auto-Senzu logger
Work on tool for auto-seznu detection is in progress. System will collect data for few days and then it will be analyzed by . If system finds some sympthoms of possible bot usage, you will get notifications. If there will be no doubt about bot usage (for example using auto-senzu for whole night for ki level) you will get ban.

Nilan @ 2018-05-30, 13:15
Houses auctions
Special offer! Few houses for sale: <link> (good price)

Nilan @ 2018-05-24, 12:54
Update 1.9.60
Update 1.9.60.

If you have problems with client, download it here: <link1> lub <link2>

Players who will receive skins for this topic <link>:
Nick on forum; nick in game; received skins

Pantherlily; Stevens; Hell c17, Bebi Vegetto
Pioniero; Curpio; Uub Kame gi, Universe 9 Shin, Baby Janemba, Majin Janemba
Bromov; Bromov; DBSuper C17, Vegetto Buu, Universe 11 Shin,
mnb; Mnberro; 5th form Cooler, Chilled Freeza, DBSUper c18, Berserker Freeza, Black hood Cooler;
Cive; Cife; Yardrat Goku, Great Saiyaman Gohan, Namek Gohan
Ategevxx; Ategev; Civil Vegeta;
Daichin; Daichin; White Cell;
Jeffrey.; Siewca; Azazel Janemba
Makarela; Makarela; Supreme Uub;
dieu; Desolate; Golden Cell;
Wrogonastawiony; Wrogonastawiony; Nomad Piccolo, RR Commander Cell, Crimson Tsuful, Kaio Dende;
MalyRBT; Evil Android; Goku Black Zamasu
Bartoz; Bartoz; Teen Gohan,
Ktokolwiek; Brodawczak; Brolly Buu,
Praim; Liam; Saonel Piccolo,
Pioniero; Enid; Battle Armor Cooler,
Prospero; Prospero; Crimson Buu,

Skins will be sent as a item via parcel till Friday.