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Nilan @ Wczoraj 23:21
Update 1.9.70
Update has been added.

Accurate information in the changelog: <link>

Alternative client link: <link>

Nilan @ 2020-03-31, 22:41
Update is comming
Update is comming !
Update will be introduced on Thursday (02.04.2020).

Demigra Set

A new set will be added to the game, which will have PvP and PvE parameters between Elite Saiyan Set and Improved Snowman Set.
Demigra Set will be available from 1200 level, you'll get its individual parts by fighting bosses from Demigra Tower.
The set will be very difficult to get and only the best and the most persistent will succeed.

You will be able to defeat a few bosses from Demigra Tower every day.
Each won duel is a chance for a part from the Demigra Set and additional prizes.


From now on, your character's story will be saved as pictures!
The option AutoScreenshots will be added to the client during important situations for the player.

New respawns

By helping the NPC Dark Wizard on Dark Star, you'll be able to upgrade current monsters from this planet.
The new respawns, available after unlocking, will be intended for high-level characters.

Some sprites reworks

New skins

More information will appear in the changelog with update.

Nilan @ 2020-03-17, 19:49
Saint Patrick's Day - Event

This year on St. Patrick's Day, I prepared a small event.

On the map you can find clovers, which you collect for a special pot.
You will receive the first pot from NPC Leprechaun for free, another you have to buy for:

* 1x z-scroll
* 4x salamandre skin
* 40x credit card

You need 10 clovers to fill a pot, you can exchange a full pot to:
* 3x experience booster (medium - 1.5x)
* 3x loot booster (medium - 1.5x)
* 3x skill booster (medium - 1.5x)
* 15x event token
* 50x credit card

NPC Leprechaun is located at Dende Palace, in West City and in North City.
With great luck you will find four-leaf clover. For gathering it you will get additional bonus!

You can meet new monsters at respawns - leprechauns, from which you'll get some exp, a few bonus points and some credit cards.
There is a chance for green beer (very often) and leprechaun hat (very rare), it will be required to sew clover backpack.

One event ends, another event begins ...
- end of flower planting event
- end of roses on the spawns
- end of looting seeds from monsters
- the item 'orchid' which reduces bad karma may be blocked in some time, so use it now
- valentines cards can be exchanged for update, then it will be blocked
St. Patrick's Day Event will last until update.

Have a nice celebration of St. Patrick's Day at home!